Your Pass for Innovative Urban Mobility with Donnobikes!

The news you've been waiting for has finally arrived: the Bonus Bici Emilia Romagna 2024! This year, you have the chance to transform your urban lifestyle thanks to Donnobikes. With a refund of up to €1000 for cargo bikes (up to €500 for electric bikes), it's the perfect time to make a significant change.

Donnobikes Cargo Bikes: Maximum Efficiency for Urban Living

Our cargo bikes are designed with you and your city needs in mind. They are the perfect city bikes due to their practicality and efficiency for transporting children and for running urban errands. Here's why:

  • Ideal for FamiliesSafe, comfortable and perfect for transporting your children.
  • Replace the CarThe only bikes that can actually replace the car in the city.
  • Fun and Sustainability: A new, healthier and more environmentally friendly way of living in the city.

Complete support from Donnobikes

  • Personalised AssistanceCall us at 3757060406 or let one of our experts guide you. We will help you choose the right cargo bike for you.
  • Bureaucratic ManagementOur accountants are ready to prepare all the necessary invoices for the bonus, simplifying the process for you.

How to Get Your Bonus

  • Visit Donnobikes.comDiscover our selection of cargo bikes.
  • Choose Your Cargo Bike: With the help of our team, find the perfect bike for your needs.
  • Claim Your Bonus: As of 9 January, we will start the process for your refund.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity offered by the Bonus Bici Emilia Romagna 2024. With a Donnobikes cargo bike, you can not only improve your urban mobility, but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Visit our site today and start your journey to a new lifestyle!

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