Compensation after a cycling accident: how to get it

Cycling is the best choice you can make in terms of health (discover all the benefits) and in terms of sustainability. Cycling, however, requires attention and a regulation to be respected. In the following we will look at what to do to obtain compensation after a cycling accident, unfortunately, data in hand, increasingly frequent on Italian roads.

Let's be clear, we hope that you will be able to carry out this magnificent activity without ever suffering mishaps but, as with the car, it is good to know how to behave on every occasion. What we propose to you, therefore, is a sort of vademecum of 5 tips to implement - whenever possible - to avoid acting rashly by compromising the diagnosis of the incident and receive the right compensation.

Compensation after a cycling accident: the 5 tips to get it

Getting caught up in impulse and fear in such cases is common; it is practically impossible to remain cool and impassive. It is good, however, to know how to behave when involved in an accident. The guilty peoplemany times, they play and take advantage of the shocked and confused state of the 'victim' just to get away from their duties.

Follow our 5 tips and the compensation in the event of a cycling accident will be yours!

1. Make yourself safe

The first thing to do immediately after a cycling accident, if physical conditions permit, is to move to the side of the road so as not to be run over by other cars.

2. Call the ambulance

Among the most common customs is not calling an ambulance in case of collisions and minor injuries, thinking I was fine and suffered no physical harm, only to suffer pain hours or days later. To avoid taking unnecessary risks and to be able to have written documentation from the medical staff - useful for compensation - always call the ambulance.

3. Document the incident

First of all, it is important to take all driver's details who caused you the accident: your documents, driving licence and insurance. Then, look to see if there are cameras and/or witnesses around you, both of which are essential to obtain justice in legal proceedings.

What better way to document the dynamics of the accident if not with photos e video? Take your mobile phone and take pictures of your bicycle and the driver's car, as well as all the details of the direction of travel. The more information you can obtain, the clearer and more unambiguous the picture will be and the easier it will be to obtain compensation.

4. Keep calm

When you talk to the law enforcement you should try to be as calm as possible. Bear in mind that the cops will have heard or will also hear the car driver's side of the story, so a reckless and rational attitude can only help you. Try, just in case, to get more details by the policeman and the report which will be drawn up on the incident.

5. Admitting no guilt

Fifth and last piece of advice, very important for compensation. Never admit any form of responsibility. It is not up to you to decide who is wrong or who is right for an accident (although it is a given that the driver of the car is at fault). For this, rely on your lawyer who, with your documentation, will be able to get you what you are entitled to.

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