Difference between an electric bike and a pedal-assisted bike

If you have opened this article, it is because you too have asked yourself one of the most classic questions in cycling: what is the difference between an electric bike and a pedal-assisted bike?

There is a risk of confusion. For years now, and fortunately, there has been increasing talk of sustainable urban mobility, and the means par excellence on which the Italian state is offering incentives to encourage its use is the bicycle. In this sense, the bike bonus 2022 for residents of Bologna, but which will most likely be extended to other cities as well.

Knowing the differences between these categories by vehicles two-wheelers, therefore, is important to choose the model best suited to their needs. Because of this, we at Donno Bikes have a team of experts who will accompany you and recommend the ideal bicycle for you. If you are planning to buy an electric or pedal-assisted bike, rely on our assistance free of charge!

Both electric and pedal-assist bikes are referred to as e-bikes, but the differences are there and they are obvious. Let's discover them together!

Difference between an electric bike and a pedal-assisted bike

Let us start by defining the electric bikealso called Speed Pedelec. It is equipped with an electric motor with variable power. This allows it to reach a maximum speed of between 25 km/h e 45 Km/hdepending on the model.

folding-ahooga-comfort-electric bike
One of our comfortable electric bike models


The electric bike works only with motor and this is the big difference with the pedal-assisted bike. The latter, in fact, is a classic bicycle on which an electric motor is applied that is activated by pedalling. , with a lithium battery (usually rechargeable at any electrical outlet) and equipped with sensors on the pedals. These, by activating the motor, encode the pedalling force, supporting it. This is why it is referred to as 'assisted pedalling'.

Basically, pedal-assisted bicycles help the pedaller in his or her efforts by making him or her go faster. The maximum speed of the e-bike must not exceed 25 km/h in the a assisted pedalling.

Returning to electric bikes, to corroborate the difference with the other type, we must point out that the Highway Code places them in the category L1andB like mopeds.

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