It's E-Bike Time!

Singers, actors, famous sportsmen and influencers. The bicycle has become the most popular means of transport for celebrities in recent years.

Some do it for sport, others simply for convenience, moving around the big cities easier and faster.

Of course, there are also those who pedal for publicity, to show themselves in a 'new' guise on social networks, and those who just have two wheels in their blood.

But let's take a closer look to see which stars, both domestic and international, enjoy cycling for real.

Jovanotti is a true Biker. His passion for two wheels is well known. Many of us are used to seeing him riding in the eternal Rome and in the Tuscan hills.

In 2017 Lorenzo Cherubini also embarked on a sensational bicycle journey. pushing himself to the ends of the globe. He deserves a place of honour among VIPs who love the From this incredible experience, a fantastic documentary "I'm going for a walk", which collects videos and photos that he himself shot during his approximately 3,000-kilometre journey across the length and breadth of New Zealand.

Instead, Leonardo Di Caprio espouses green politics. His commitment to environmental protection is known to all: the actor is always in the front row for the defence of our planet's natural wealth.

He is strongly aware that the bicycle is the means of transport of the future, and this is the very important global message he wants to spread.

Along with him, there are also many other celebrities who have chosen the greener version to get around and to send out a message of love for the environment.

There are, for example, the actor Russell Crowe, the Princess of Norway and Lebron James one of the strongest ever Nba champions.

An awareness, therefore, that also comes to us from the jet set and reminds us that there is an increasing need to respect and take care of the Earth's health, as well as our own bodies


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