Electric bike vs. electric scooter: which one to choose?

After analysing the difference between an electric bike and a pedal-assisted bikehopefully as comprehensively as possible, today we dwell on an almost Shakespearean conundrum: electric bike or electric scooter, which one to choose? Which is more convenient?

We start with the assumption that, by now, urban traffic in big cities has become unbearable and stressful. The ideal, also as a matter of personal benefits and the environment, is to choose green means such as e-bikes or electric scooters, both of which are convenient and non-polluting for various reasons.

Electric bike vs. electric scooter

Before delving into the details of why you might choose one over the other, let's have a general overview. It is good to say that the electric scooter offers the possibility of reaching any point in the city within a radius of 80 km at a maximum speed of 45 km/h and, what is more, without moving any limb of one's body. The electric bike, on the other hand, is equipped with an electric motor and its operation is only activated when you start to pedalling. In addition, it is only possible to reach 25km/h.

To say absolutely that an electric bike is better than a scooter or vice versa is wrong, as, in the end, the decision is totally subjective and driven by one's own needs.

The electric bike is for you in these cases:

  1.  If you have no intention of giving up exercise, even if you go to work or do any other service.
  2.  If you have little time for sport, you can take advantage of the electric bike to sweat and train, albeit in moderation compared to the muscle bike. There are studies demonstrating the benefits in doing activities with the electric bike.
  3. Say goodbye to traffic and take cycle paths and internal roads that you cannot do with a car, moped or electric scooter.

The big advantage of the electric bike over the electric scooter? Even if you unload, you can get where you want by simply pedalling.

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The electric scooter is for you in these cases:

  1. You and physical movement travel on parallel tracks.
  2. If you have very little time available, you can reach more quickly certain places and if you have a limited budget. The great convenience is that you never have to stop for petrol.
  3. La maintenance is negligible as there are not many mechanical parts at risk of wear and tear and it is usually enough to take care of the tyres and brakes when action is needed.

The big advantage of the electric scooter over the electric bicycle? Well, obviously the ability to move from place to place without ever having to pedal.

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