The expert answers: All about Ahooga Modular

All about Ahooga Modular

After a technical examination of the product Modular Ahoogawe received dozens and dozens of enquiries and submitted to our technical expert the 15 most frequently asked questions by our customers about Ahooga: the result is as comprehensive and straightforward as one could expect (here a video extract).

What is Modular and Functional Ahoga?

The functional bike is a means of transport that, in addition to classic recreational use, allows us to perform other useful functions in everyday life. For example, transporting heavy shopping, or work tools, taking children to school, or carrying crates of water safely. Modular because it is equipped with a motor, and numerous technical features that allow it to adapt to different driving requirements.

ahooga modular bike

What material is the frame made of?

The frame of this functional bike is made of aluminium alloy, which keeps its weight down and improves its stability on the road. In addition, its futuristic design easily masks the bulkiness of the battery. A not insignificant detail that improves its appearance and aerodynamics.

How much battery life does the Ahooga Modular have?

The modular Ahooga achieves a range of 60 km under standard driving conditions. A very good result considering its standard performance.



What engine does it have?

The Ahooga Modular motor kit is a 250 W product made by the leading German company Ansmann. It is mounted in the hub of the rear wheel and is capable of developing a torque of 60 N/m. It is one of the highest-performance motors designed for functional assisted bicycles.

If it has a motor can I also not pedal?

The Ahooga has a motor that is not operated by a knob, but is activated by simple pedalling, assisting driving in all its desirable phases and speeds.

How many gears does the Ahooga Modular have?

There are three possibilities Single speed, three speed and eight speed. The latter is the best solution for the Italian market. -


How much load resistance do the supplied roof racks have?

The manufacturer has placed great emphasis on the safety and strength factor. In detail, the front parcel carrier has a load capacity of 20 kg, while the rear has a load capacity of up to 50 kg.

How many children can you transport?

The modular Ahooga bike allows us to carry one child from 6 months up to 15 years. Including any front load such as, school backpack or shopping bags.

How much does the Ahooga Modular weigh and how bulky is it?

This bike model weighs no more than 16 kg with battery included, and is one of the lightest on the market. Thanks to the standard space-saving kit in the handlebar, we can reduce its footprint by up to 16 cm. It will be easy to place it next to a wall in a small garage or in a corridor.

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Ahooga modular foot pedal

Can I also drive it because I am short?

The Ahooga bike can be ridden from 150 cm in height up to 200 cm. Its modularity and seating position is very wide to allow comfortable riding for everyone.

Can I drive it on all types of terrain?

Basically, by fitting 26 cm Schwalbe Big Apple tyres, we can be sure that from asphalt to gravel and in all weather conditions the bike will maintain its stability and grip. In addition, the tyre is also equipped with an anti-puncture system to make riding even safer.

Mudguards - modular ahooga

What is included in the standard product?

The Ahoga Modular is delivered to the customer with standard equipment that includes mudguards, a front and rear light kit, and a centre stand that keeps the vehicle stable even when parked.

Is it difficult to drive for the inexperienced?

The pedal-assisted bicycle is a very safe vehicle. In fact, the simplicity of riding makes it very intuitive and confident.

Is there any assistance from your side after the purchase?

Our company guarantees constant assistance to our customers before, during and especially after sales, through our own interventions or those of our trusted centres located throughout Italy.

the technician replies on Ahooga Modular

If I have special loading requirements, whom can I contact?

Donno Bikes is always close to the customer's needs. By analysing each type of request we always try to offer the best solution for our customer


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