Get on your bike - boost your immune system!

Everyone knows that in winter, flu and viruses rule everywhere.

It is difficult to find a person, especially if they have small children at home, who has never had a cold, the flu or not caught some virus during the winter, the common name for almost all viral diseases.

This year we also have the corona virus with a very high infection rate.

I have two pieces of news, one good and one bad.

Where do we start?

If it is a good one, then: all the facts so far indicate that this virus either spares the children, or does not affect them, or catches them mildly - and that is a relief for caring and slightly anxious mothers like me!

And now the bad one, although it is not official, but it is very logical: those countries where the virus is not detected, the more likely it is that they simply did not even look for it, while they attribute everything to the flu.

And the main victims are, as always, the elderly and people with weakened immune defences from other serious illnesses.

And while our governments and health system fight the epidemic, let us see what we can do to protect ourselves and our children from the corona virus, influenza and other equally dangerous viruses.

"Coronavirus is not a reason to lock yourself in your house."

Let's look at the most effective methods of preventing infuenza and various viruses, including and the new corona virus.

These are first and foremost the strengthening of immune defences and the avoidance of the possibility of contact.

Let us see both in detail.

How can we strengthen our immune defences?

Proper nutrition.

It is a fact that our gut affects the effectiveness of our immune defences by at least 80%.

The limitation of meat consumption, possibly no more than 1-2 times a week. For adults, the rejection of milk, with the exception of sour milk and mature cheeses. Limiting the consumption of sweets. And in general, anything that acidifies our bodies. It is the acidic environment that is ideal for the reproduction of viruses and bacteria.

Food supplements and vitamins.

Omega 3 supplement, is one of the best ways to combat acidity in the body. Vitamin D: according to recent studies, it is it, and not vitamin C, that protects the body against colds. Algae, such as spirulina and chlorella, boost the immune system and have an excellent effect on the intestine. However, there are also contraindications, so a competent doctor should be consulted before using any food supplement.


Fresh air!

It simultaneously helps both to strengthen the body and to carry out disease prevention. Ventilate your environment often. If possible, spend more time outdoors in nature and in parks. This is where the bicycle plays a very important role: it is a unique tool that provides you with moderate physical activity in the open air. It is difficult to overestimate its significance. In a short time it will take you, and if you have a family bike, even with children, to the nearest park. A bicycle is fun, healthy and environmentally friendly.

So by making the decision to use your bike for routes up to a radius of 10 km, you will simultaneously improve the air quality in your city, avoid traffic jams, exercise, and strengthen your and your children's immune defences. All this to the joy of you and the children and the health of all family members!


Gymnastics and moderate physical activity during the day, possibly in the open air. Once again, a bicycle is the best way to have healthy fun for the whole family!

Strengthening the body.

A contrasting shower, fresh air in the flat, more time in the open air - all this will help strengthen the immune system. Once again, cryotherapy heals and helps prevent acidity in the body.

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Avoid contact.

Well, here it is generally worth avoiding crowded places, especially indoors.

Wash your hands more often. Change the air. Do not put your hands in your mouth or touch the mucous membrane of your nose and eyes. If it is really necessary, wash your hands thoroughly before doing so.

Mop the house. Don't forget door handles. And ... definitely mobile phones and tablets. It has been proven that there are more bacteria on any mobile phone than in a public toilet!

So, prevention, sports e breathe fresh air!

May Health be with you!

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