Green financing for ebike purchases

Green funding for buying an ebike? Do you want to buy an electric bike but don't want the cost of the bike to affect your family's financial peace of mind? If you too have asked yourself that question, it is because you care about your finances.

But if your piggy bank is already set aside for holidays and you don't want to apply for a bank loan, you can now finally obtain dedicated financing without fear and ride your new electric bike with peace of mind.

What are Green Financing for ebike purchases

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Financing tailor-made to the customer's specific needs is right for you! Why? First of all, because it takes into account your need and is tailored to the type of need you are currently demanding. Such as the Findomestic's Green Loan, which you can obtain directly online and with no paperwork to hand in.

But how is the Green Loan structured and why are more and more Italians choosing it for their purchases?

The purpose of the loan is to offer employees, the self-employed and pensioners the opportunity to quickly obtain a electric bike to go to work, for the family or for purely recreational purposes.

Structure of Green Financing for ebike purchases

secure financing for Donno Bikes
The special feature of this financial opportunity is the speedy allocation of the fund, with no major requirements for documentation, signatures, countersignatures or special guarantees.

From the absence of charges linked to the financing itself, but above all from the flexibility, or rather the possibility of being able to change the amount of the instalment when you want, or skip one a year when you need to... what more could you want?

If you are considering the purchase of a city bikebut you are scared of applying for any kind of financing, Findomestic now offers this great opportunity to which many Italians are eagerly adhering because of its flexibility.

In addition to this possibility, there are also regional, provincial or municipal funding, refunds and opportunities that drastically reduce the cost of your bike. Our advice is to first check availability in the MOBILITY BONUS SEARCH ENGINE and evaluate all subsequently fundable opportunities.

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