Greener Lombardy.

Greener Lombardy. As we know, as well as being one of the largest regions in Italy, Lombardy is also characterised by a very high level of smog (according to ARPA sources, levels of PM10 0.9 to 12 t/km² in metropolitan areas). Citizens have been trying for some time to make the whole of Lombardy greener.

Stay with us we are going to give you a solution that if followed by many citizens will keep PM10, the indicator of air quality, at a good level.

This solution will allow you to obtain economic but above all health benefits.

Because we want a greener Lombardy.

The skies of our beautiful Lombardy region are becoming increasingly grey due to smog and constant factory discharges. Precisely for this reason, we feel obliged to recommend a solution to get back to breathing clean air.

We want to endorse and support the ideas of the citizens of Lombardy.

They have been asking for cycle paths safer to be able to reach all the places they usually go with their bikes. We want to fight this environmental battle with them for their cities but also for all of us.

What's more, traffic and accident rates in Lombardy are also very high in comparison with Italy and the EU. According to Polis Lombardia in 2010 respectively the percentages were 57%, 68%, 63% while in 2019 they decreased to 43%, 53%, 52%, still remaining very high. In Lombardy alone, there were 32,560 accidents in 2019.

The ideal solution for a greener Lombardy.

To make the Greener Lombardy the perfect solution we want to present to you is a simple, dynamic and stylish vehicle.

The ideal bike we have in mind for you is light, allows you to transport and ride it very easily and wherever you want.

It accompanies you to each of your appointments with maximum punctuality and speed, thanks to the presence of an electric motor.

It is best if it is foldable, folds up in seconds and takes up little space, so you can place it wherever you want.
According to ISTAT, the commuting effect is equivalent to 41.3% of the entire population of Lombardy. A fundamental element therefore since one commutes to work.

Not all folding bikes are so safe, especially if they have a hinge that splits the frame in two like a wallet. Having a rear carriage that does not cut the frame in two is synonymous with safety and durability.

These are all features that make the safe, dynamic, but above all green bike perfect for reducing smog and improving our health.

I invite you to discover Ahooga for example one of the bikes that reflects a high value for money, but above all one of the few products created to suit your personality.

We have for you a quiz very fast and fun with which you can discover your ideal bike and gather all the information that a bike dealer does not usually offer.


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