How safe are folding bikes in city centres?

How safe are folding bikes in city centres? And why does the end user always fear the stability of these space-saving vehicles?

Every day, bike specialists are questioned about this means of transport, which seems to have triggered a real revolution in urban mobility in major hubs across Europe.

In fact, there are many people who have decided to abandon public transport and cars to commute to work on an agile bike that avoids traffic jams and queues at traffic lights. With motorised support, the physical effort also decreases to the benefit of comfort.

How safe are folding bikes in city centres?

While there are those who trigger revolutions, suspicions and doubts continue to be legitimately raised about the world's most innovative and smallest medium.

Doubts that turn into the classic neophyte question:

But how safe are folding bikes in city centres?

Folding bikes are absolutely safe in urban centresas city bikes are. What reassures us is the frame itself, the starting point from which to make a correct assessment.

Those made of aluminium with diamond geometries are the best for stability and lightness. Capable of redistributing the load and making the vehicle more stable.

The right wheels must be associated with the frame, and the best performing folding bike modelsThey never have wheels under 20′ and dedicated puncture-proof tyres for urban mobility. All this translates into agility and road holding.

Much attention is often paid by the end user to the hinges, clamps and opening and closing clamps. No folding bike will open on the way, but certainly having a bike that has no hinges in the frame makes us pedal with greater peace of mind.

That is why it is advisable the use of folding bikes revolving around themselvesinstead of those that fold in on themselves. Because you have a security more than just locking the vehicle in motion. It benefits stability, comfort and manoeuvrability.

If the virtue of riding a small, space-saving, light and stable bike does not convince, we can always play the trump card of the pedal assist motor.

In fact, strange as it may seem, the best folding bikes are also equipped with mini electric motors high performance capable of supporting the pedalling and giving the right boost for every need.

Our advice is not to fear this small, high-performance vehicle. The folding electric bike is the evolution of urban mobility and its ease of use, safety and the fact that we can carry it with us at all times today is the weapon that convinces the most sceptical.

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