iO: DonnoBikes' most innovative bike of the year

InBicy: quality assurance

InBicy was established in 2021 in San Benedetto del Tronto, the result of the many years of experience of Omar and Natalya, founders of DonnoBikesInBicy has been in the cargo bike market for years, but above all has been a keen observer of user needs. This innovative brand, 100% Italian, counts among its ranks great professionals who put years of experience at the service of the user: from designers to engineers to InBicy is an absolute guarantee. From this team, from this methodical and volcanic passion, iO.

iO: for you and with you

iO is the extraordinary cargo bike that was born after many prototypes, studies, trials and tests from the synergetic union of a team of experts. The captivating design, the work of Saverio Panichi, is combined with enormous potential. iO is pure innovation: it wants to change the way of conceiving the bike, which from a simple means of transport can turn out to be an incomparable ally even in the most demanding moments of the day.

No longer just for sport or for quick trips, but also as a carrier for transporting children or groceries - all in total safety. To understand the extent of the novelty that this cargo represents, we need only think of an object that has become indispensable to us: the smartphone. Would you buy a 3310 if you needed great performance and maximum reliability? Certainly not. In the same way, why buy a simple bike when the beauty of this environmentally friendly means of transport can be combined with so many other features?

By now, our needs run in step with the times: we need means that preserve our planet and our health, that allow us to be both professionals and parents, that allow us to move fluidly from one area of our lives to another. iO is what we need. But you may ask: why this name? Well, it speaks for itself: Io is the best known satellite of Jupiter, known for its exceptional beauty due to the colour variations of its lava flows, but above all for the significant role it played in the Copernican revolution and the study of the solar system.

It is no coincidence: the cargo iO is meant to lead to exploration, a gentle reminder of discovery and beauty. It is unique, revolutionary and exactly as each of us is: it connects us, leads us and accompanies us everywhere.

iO: the cargo that will revolutionise the bike world

We said it: iO is extraordinary. The different combinations of uses make it versatile and suitable for a wide range of needs: from navigating city traffic to picking up the little ones from nursery and school, from carrying groceries to important documents and electronic devices. It is solid, smooth-running, reliable. iO is made of aluminium alloy, a light and durable material, the same type of aluminium that is used to build airliners. The bike is designed to last twenty years before wear and tear wins it over.

With this in mind, the initial outlay, which starts at 3999 euro for the muscular model and does not exceed 5999 for the pedal-assisted model, must always be considered in forward-looking terms. In fact, it has been estimated that the purchase of a durable bike, such as the iO, whose use is preferable to that of the car, can lead to savings of around 4,000 euros per year: you save on petrol (the price of which is constantly rising), parking, maintenance, wear and tear and tyre changes, spare parts, etc. Furthermore, one can combine ease of movement with healthy exercise, which in this case also benefits the environment.

In this respect, the InBicy team has once again gone a step further: once the battery of the e-bike iO version has run out, all you have to do is contact support to
ensure that this is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and promptly replaced. In this regard, the battery, which can drive the bike up to 50km/h according to the new regulations rewarding cargo, has a very short recharge time (3 hours maximum, after 2 it reaches the 70%), the socket is compatible with all European systems and is easy to mount and dismount, like all iO mounts.

The fine and elegant design gives the bike a slightly elongated shape that not only makes it aesthetically pleasing but also has several practical functions. Firstly, it is practically impossible
Accidentally falling off the bike: the 24" wheels offer stability, also thanks to tyres suitable for all conditions and terrain, and the entire frame is designed to support large weights that are distributed evenly over all parts, guaranteeing not only a smooth riding experience but also greater balance during movement. Yes: even uphill!

The InBicy team put a lot of effort into testing the iO, which withstood high-stress conditions including transporting three adults.

Different combinations of use

iO is designed for everyone:

  • for those who get on their bike in the morning on their way to work, laden with laptops and documents that can be conveniently stored in the special briefcase that can be mounted on the back in just three steps;
  • for those who have an adventurous spirit and wish to explore unknown places in the middle of nature and decide to take a tent with them;
  • for those running from work to pick up the little ones, or a friend, and if there is some time left, go shopping;
  • for those who need to keep fit and feel useful for their environment and choose cycling over traffic or public transport;

Cargo for everyone and everything

There is one particular category to which this bike is particularly suited, although as mentioned, it really is suitable for any use, and that is for those who, in addition to being a worker, an adventurer, a sports enthusiast, are also parent of one or more children of different ages. The patented flash switch system allows the iO to switch from one moment to the next in today's hectic daily life with us with the practical three-step hitching and unhitching system of the various carriers: the maxi-carry basket on the handlebar at the front (holds up to 25 kg and is also suitable for transporting small animals), the footrests and protective bars to keep the little ones safe, the seat cushions (for up to 3 passengers), the briefcase and the shopping basket. In no time at all, iO will go from being the means of transport you used to take the little ones to the park, to the elegant vehicle that takes you downtown to meet the client or to dinner with friends.

Come and visit us!

These are the accessories designed by InBicy, but if you already own a bike seat, know that it can also be used on the iO. InBicy works tirelessly to create new modules that can always be attached and detached without the use of tools. In short, iO is really suitable for every use, every need. It will grow with you.

Contact assistance for further details and to be accompanied during an informed purchase: you will not regret it.

InBicy offers the unmissable opportunity to book iO in advance and planned a unique offer for the first buyers: it costs half as much and guarantees delivery of the first prototypes by the end of September.

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