Life as a mother in 2021.

Life as a mother in 2021. Mum is one of the most important people in our lives. She is not only the one who gave us existence but is also our reference point. When you think of the warmth of home, togetherness, affection and care, you immediately think of her.

The rhythms of life as a mother in 2021.

Because of her many commitments due to housekeeping, family and work, Mum travels many kilometres per day.

According to research by the magazine 'Four wheels'  mothers travel about 10,600km per year, so just over 29km per day.

Not a few! But if we consider all the commitments he has to fulfil between work, school, supermarket, extra-curricular activities and self-care, we realise that they are not so many.

There is only one small problem that can slow down a mother's rhythm. I am talking about urban traffic.

Possible solutions for coping with life as a mother in 2021.

If you are a mum and you notice that your car instead of making it easier for you to complete your many tasks slows you down, you can use a method shared but many other mums that can help you solve this problem.

I am talking about the bicycle. A simple, dynamic and safe means of transport.

There are different models and through this article I want to introduce you to four of them from three different companies that might suit a mother.

I am talking about the folding and modular Ahooga; the Kombi Yuba and the Taga pram bike. All of them are elegant, safe and can be used on all occasions, but each has its own specific characteristics.

The first model, Folding Ahoogais more suitable for a commuting mother who does not have to take her children to school, but has to travel by train and public transport. By using Ahooga, she will be able to shorten her travel time, stress and comfort and arrive home less tired.

Ahooga Modular for the mother who carries everything with her. Who takes her small children to school and who adds shopping stops or herself on the way home/work/school. It is an electric vehicle that assists pedalling and reduces fatigue and stress. Thanks to its attractive aesthetics, it is ideal for design-conscious mothers.

Kombi Yuba. A vehicle for strong mums. The cargo bike par excellence. The kind that is unrivalled on the road and with maximum load capacity. For all daily actions, to accompany two medium-sized children or an adult in the rear seats, but above all not to depend on polluting 4-wheelers.

Last but not least, Bicycle pram. It is the bike that accompanies you from the first months of your child's life up to 8 years of age. With Taga you have the stability, control and manoeuvrability of a bike that converts into a pushchair when needed. A bike with a dual function: it will be easy to get on the saddle or to enter a shop when needed.
The same means of urban mobility also offers a variant called Familywhich allows the transport of 2 children or shopping for the whole family. In addition, it is the only frontal cargo vehicle that is small and can easily navigate pedestrian areas.

Perfect bikes for every occasion, able to cope with any unexpected urgent situation that can only be resolved by the mother out of love and care for her family.

This is precisely why there are companies, such as the Donno Bikeswhich, in addition to offering bikes capable of coping with all the rhythms and tasks dictated by a mother's love, offer alternative means of transport that respect the environment and the issue of sustainability.

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