Life during and after the coronavirus

Life during and after the coronavirus.

Would you like to wake up and discover that all this is just a bad nightmare, or come on, a pajama adventure for the lazy?
It took me quite a while to accept the truth,

- unfortunately this is our Reality 2.0 without the possibility of reverting to the previous version.

'Reality 2.0 with no possibility of reverting to the previous version'

Nothing and never will be as it was before, but!. it is in our power to take advantage of it.
The virus came from China but they also showed us the ability to handle emergencies like this.

Life during and after the coronavirus

Now the whole world is facing a multi-crisis and it is taking place on various fields:

  • world virus management crisis
  • health crisis, political crisis
  • economic crisis

many talk about it, but nobody really knows what the future holds.
However, what is in our power is to come out of this virus stronger and to gain some benefit both personally and for society.

In Chinese, crisis is written with two hieroglyphics, one meaning danger and the other meaning opportunity.

Have you ever heard this one?

Well, it was disproved. 

It does not mean Danger+Opportunity, but the closest meaning is the crucial point.

So danger+Crucial point.

Where does it take us?

Do you also want to come out of this situation with something more? I mean besides the kilos. :)))

But you cannot get new results by doing the same things as before.

We have to change and we are just ahead of the curve.

Change is inevitable, the question is do we change for the better or for the worse?

Think about what you could change for the better?

For me it is to spend more time with my family, in fact the race against time before was not feasible at all.

Family at picnic bike

Another challenge is to get rid of the useless and worthless things that have cluttered my space and my mind.

They cost little if we do not consider how much they cost us in terms of time and energy, the things that give us neither improvement nor excitement.

Just knowing that they are there uselessly absorbs and pollutes us.
Every time I made the choice because it was cheap, I cluttered my life and polluted the planet. Something I don't want to do anymore.

I choose to surround myself only with things that are decisive, brilliant and able to give me an emotion.

And I choose to make the transformation! To have a better version of me when I come out of quarantine.

And what do you choose?!

Make your transformation list. And don't forget to enrich it with the promise to travel mainly by bike.

It is good for your body, your mind and the Earth. Why there will be no Earth 2.0!

Discover the functional bikes that help you in YOUR TRANSFORMATION!

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