More and more people are choosing cycle tourism


We have seen how the bicycle is being used a lot in the city in recent times to get around quickly in traffic and to move nimbly in car-free city centres.

However, it is also becoming a popular means of transport for out-of-town trips and journeys of discovery in unspoilt nature. More and more people of all ages are taking their bikes on holiday and embarking on journeys directly in the saddle.

In short, more and more people are approaching cycling tourism with enthusiasm. Moving towards a more conscious way of experiencing the landscape in direct contact with nature and with full respect for the environment is now the trend of the new millennium.

The bicycle also allows us to reach those places inaccessible by car or other vehicles and leads us to discover those wonderful unspoilt trails.

We have searched for the most beautiful and unmissable places for you. We will tell you where to find fabulous views on little-known cycle paths, cycling through forests, countryside and historic centres.

We begin with Lake Garda, defined par excellence as a cyclist's paradise. There are several cycle paths around the perimeter of the lake, the Garda by Bike for example, is the most recent cycle path, inaugurated about two years ago and featuring a breathtaking route suspended over the lake.

It is a track that can also be used at night, thanks to the LED lighting along the entire route.

Another beautiful route to cycle is the Via Francigena, the long pilgrimage route that crosses the whole of France and much of Italy.

It will be an unforgettable ride along fascinating paths through countryside, mountains and historic villages.

One of the most fascinating sections of this route is the one that crosses Tuscany. We are talking about 380 km for a total of 15 stages with numerous accommodation facilities and rest areas along the way.

Obviously, there are some rougher stretches that require an equipped bicycle, but otherwise they are mostly easy country paths.

If we go further south, we come across another magical route. We are talking about the Circeo National Park, south of Rome, which offers numerous cycling routes surrounded by nature.

A relaxing ride past lagoons and natural areas to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sea.


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