Bonus Bici Emilia Romagna 2023: how to get up to 1600€ contribution

The Emilia Romagna region offers an extraordinary opportunity to its residents from September 2023.

The best time to buy a high-quality electric cargo bike

Numerous tests in urban and city areas have shown that the electric bicycle allows you to arrive at your destination before the car. Not only is it environmentally friendly and healthybut it is also faster than the car and public transport. Nothing is better than the two-wheeler to get around the city. For this, and especially for reduce pollution, the Region Emilia Romagna allocated a fund of a total of 9 million of euro to support contributions until 900 euro for the purchase of a bicycle and up to EUR 1600 for the purchase of a pedal-assisted cargo bike.

To whom can the Bonus Bici Emilia Romagna 2023 be useful?

Parents multitasking with one or more young children, professionals dynamic with tight deadlines and craftsmen moving around the city with equipment? Now is the time to choose an e-bike or electric cargo bike of high quality, long life, maximum safety standards, suitable for your particular personal and professional needs.

bicycles For multitasking parents: Bike For the dynamic professional Bike For the urban craftsman

What makes Donno Bikes so unique? Besides the superiority in design and technology, we boast a wider service network than Bosch and Shimanowith over 60 service centres (CAA). We guarantee full supportfrom video calls with our experts to home deliveries with ready-to-use 100% assembly. All our models are covered by the Bike Bonus Emilia Romagna 2023.

How to Apply for and Obtain the 100% Guarantee Bonus

The recipients of the total fund are over 4 million (91% of the total population of Emilia-Romagna), with 207 Municipalities concerned. These numbers may frighten or discourage you from applying for a grant. Perhaps you are among those who have tried to apply for a grant in the past only to find out that the available funds had run out.

Donno Bikes, the first Italian distributor of cargo bikesover the years has guaranteed millions of euros in the form of bonuses to their customers. We are experts in the dynamics and the timing of the allocation, simplify the process for customers and guaranteeing the result.

Buy a Donno Bikes pedal-assisted bicycle or electric cargo bike and we will guide you step by step through the contribution process, guaranteeing the result!

When to apply for the Bonus Bici Emilia Romagna 2023

The opportunity to save money is now, September 2023! Request our contact and one of our experts will be at your sideand recommend the perfect bike for you and ensure maximum savings with the Bonus Bici Emilia Romagna 2023. Don't miss this opportunity!


Our manager is ready to answer all your questions and provide you with personalised advice. Just ask!

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