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How many times have you worried about leaving your bicycle outside. I wonder if it will be there waiting for me when I return, it is a very frequent thought.

A good, secure chain can certainly help. But what to do when you don't have a garage or your work is too far away to do it entirely by bike. If you recognise yourself in these situations, it means you need a folding bike.

In fact, you can take it in with you, transport it by car or train or public transport. And if you can't afford to arrive at the office sweaty, then you need a folding electric bike.

It is not easy to find a good electric folding bike, even the legendary Brompton is having some difficulties in their electric range.

Ahooga Power 36V
Ahooga Power 36V

Who needs a folding electric bicycle?

The biggest difficulty may lie in where to place the electric kit. The folding bike usually folds over by breaking the frame in two, so there is little space to place the battery. The motor can have different power, but only the 250 Wh motor corresponds to the European pedelec standard and allows you to benefit from the electric bike category. More powerful motors need to be maintained and managed like a moped with all the associated costs and legislation: road tax, overhaul, road ban, etc.

Another challenge for the electric folding bike is that the electric kit weighs quite a bit and thus conflicts with the main concept of the folding bike, it must be light and easy to manoeuvre.

In fact, if you have to fold it and take it with you several times a day, weight becomes one of the crucial features to make the difference between your inseparable folding machine and the folding machine that stays at home collecting dust.

Ahooga Power 36V
Ahooga Power 36V

How to choose folding electric bicycle ?

Technical specifications folding electric bicycle

If you don't want this to happen with your new electric folding bike, you must consider these aspects well:

  • Power 250 Wh
  • Maximum speed 25/h
  • The weight with the electric kit
  • Battery capacity
  • The last two characteristics are in direct conflict with each other, the more powerful the battery, the more boost it gives you and the longer it lasts, but at the same time the more it weighs down your vehicle.

Do you want to know how?

Ahooga Power 36V
Ahooga Power 36V

Tips for selecting an electric folding bike

We give you some good advice:

  • Evaluate well the route you have to takeFor relatively short distances, less than 5 km and on the flat, you may need a lighter battery, and conversely, if you have to do longer distances of 5 km and have several challenging climbs, you may need a slightly more powerful helper.
  • Your weight and fitness are also important. In fact, the less you weigh, the easier it will be to carry you. While the more trained you are, the less help you need with your legs.
  • The weight of the bicycle itself. The less the frame weighs, the less the total weight will be. Consider that the weight of your folding bike is important while riding, however it becomes extremely important when you carry it by hand.
  • Here too you have decision scissorscapacity (and therefore weight) of the battery VS the weight of the bike. You estimate how many times you have to lift it and carry it by hand?
  • The electrical kit is also important. Where is it manufactured? Does it have EC support? Will it be easy to replace the battery once it reaches its limit?
  • And last but not least, the battery is known to pollute. And if we use the bicycle, we also do it for the good of our planet, don't we? Find out if, when you have to replace your battery, the manufacturer allows you to recharge it, it will save not only the planet but also your wallet!
Ahooga Power 36V
Ahooga Power 36V

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