The electric bike beats public transport in savings

The electric bike beats public transport in savings. Only some thirty years ago, buses, trains and the metro, had all the makings of lower transport costs and air pollution, but today, the electric bike has taught us that you can travel at 'zero cost', and save on public transport costs too.

The real savings come from autonomy and lack of disruption

The real mobility revolution is electric. And this new sector has the great virtue of saving real money by putting us on board at zero pollutant emissionsuseful for our well-being and that of future generations. Can we therefore confirm that the electric bike beats public transport in savings?

We have means and possibilities, but also economic advantages. Just as it happened many years ago, when we got separated from the cars, and boarded a bus, or a metro, for the first time.

The electric bike beats public transport in savings, but by how much?

If travelling by public transport was advantageous until yesterday, it is no longer so today. Expenditure has reached an excessively high per capita amount of 960 euro per year. This means that on average we spend EUR 5 per day, per person, on vehicles that are not fully functional, often late and daily very crowded.

Does the electric bike outperform public transport services?

Travelling at almost zero cost therefore, and by means that respect our timetableless polluting and safer and comfortable for us and our entire family, it is possible and with an investment even less than EUR 5 per day.

They are the modular electric bikes. They fully represent the needs of the commuter today, but not only. They are strong, light, space-saving, durable and support the driver on every road surface.

The electric bike beats public transport in savings the new victory of green means of transport

In addition to the money, which these bikes allow and promise to save, a whole series of disruptions that will be able to bypass. We can say goodbye to strikes, delays, standing places, dirty or inhospitable vehicles and so on and so forth.

The choice is no longer unconventional. You win with savings. This is already won by functional modular bikes, means to be understood, studied and tried without hesitation.

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