The green revolution will start from the squares

This time, there will be no weapons and political-military strategies because the green revolution will start from the squares.
La 'cultural rebellion' began in the squares of Milan where the project called "OPEN STREET promised a tough fight against polluting vehicles.

This is a very ambitious plan to replace the presence of polluting vehicles to make way for areas of urban conviviality, stimulating the community to use low-emission vehicles and equipment.
It is a cultural revolution that is increasingly convincing the citizens of Milan, who despite the small indecisions of the moment, have rediscovered the pleasure of living in the city in the full view of the common good and their neighbours.

green mobility milan
The green revolution will start from the squares with a return to the past

We will see children in the streets again, just as we did 30 years ago. When the city was the real playroom and the whole social apparatus offered teaching, life experiences and help.

We recommend watching the short video made by Geert Kloppenburg which illustrates and demonstrates how the Green Revolution has incredibly positive effects.

green mobility milan


 Festively coloured squares and cycle paths

Author of this fantastic initiative is Demetrio Scopelliti, Director Urban Planning and Public Space, City of Milan. A young man capable of intuiting and applying a unique and effective model to the needs of the Italian fashion capital.

We wanted to tell this story with the words of Chris Bruntlett of the Dutch Cycling Embassy, starting with the playful side of the initiative, how the introduction of a ping pong table can bring people together, how the unexpected is planned and planned, and how the city of Milan built 60 kilometres of cycle path in one year.

They seem few, but in reality they are just enough, for the time being, to stimulate and offer the right alternative to classic mobility.
Much still needs to be done, but the road is the right one, especially if it is also travelled by the right medium.

In this regard, it should be made clear that the right medium meets very specific functional requirements.
Needs that classic city bikes often do not offer, resulting in disappointment and inefficiency. This is why it is necessary to approach light, electric and space-saving vehiclesto offer ourselves the chance to experience the city happily and with absolute efficiency.


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