What is cycle tourism and all its advantages

One of the best activities to combine psychophysical well-being with the beauty of travelling is undoubtedly cycle touring. But that what is cycle tourism? As derived from the term itself, cycle tourism is thecycling tourism activitiestourism means getting to know the area at 360°. From monumental wonders to cultural discoveries, from gastronomy to local customs.

The best way to get to know the area is to experience it on foot, but, of course, it is difficult if not impossible to walk 100 km in one day, and therefore the bicycle is the ideal choice. We can define it as the right between the motor vehiclebecause whether muscular or electric, it will allow you to cover many more kilometres easily, and the circular walk for the city, being able to observe and experience the area from 'inside'.

Travelling by bicycle is the ideal way to deepen one's knowledge of a territory, in all its aspects.

cycling - Yuba Kombi E5
Yuba Kombi E5

Cycle tourism: how it is practised

Let's start with the first mode: cyclotourism as a cycling holiday. It is, in fact, commonly associated as a way to spend more days out, on holiday, but it is good to make distinctions.

There are 3 different ways to take a cycling holiday:

  1. Unorganised cycling holidayWe are referring to the classic move to a hotel or hotel, both of which are equipped for bike storage, and using the bike for day trips.
  2. Organised cycling holidayParticipating in trips organised and structured by a specialised tour operator. Where to sleep, where to eat, the various stages to follow, everything perfectly planned.
  3. Autonomous holidaysUse a proper, well-approved bike, carry everything you need, from clothing to provisions, and pedal and pedal to your destination. Sometimes knowing and planning the long businesssometimes let the journey guide you.

The cycling, though, it's not just a cycling holiday. Cycle touring is also about leaving the house and being out and about for 4-5 hours visiting and discovering neighbouring countries. Going to eat local gastronomic specialities, taking panoramic photos.

In short, cycling does not require a long journey: you can even help yourself to your car, if you live in the city centre, getting away from the metropolitan chaos and then explore the mountainous, flat scenery that opens up to you, experiencing nature at close quarters.

cycling - Yuba Spicy Curry
Yuba Spicy Curry

Cycle tourism: the advantages

Cycle touring is all about combining business with pleasure. I benefits of cycling, the benefits of practising cycling are many and we cannot but start with thepsychophysical aspect.

Physical activity, done with the right cardiovascular balance, also benefits the mood. Try to think how different and polar opposite the bicycle and the car are. If with the former, physical tiredness is inevitably felt but not weighed down, because the endorphins of fatigue are linked to the contentment of what you have seen and enjoyed, for the car the music is totally opposite. Endless queues at the toll booth, traffic to get to work and also to get home, as well as the stress of finding a parking space. In short, a good day can easily be negatively affected by car driving exhaustion.

Another advantage of cycle tourism is, of course, the respect for the environment. Emissions are ten times lower than those produced by cars. This is what European Cyclists' Federation in his studio Cycle More Often 2 Cool Down the Planet.

Being a cycle-tourist is also increasingly becoming synonymous with 'being liked'. The locals appreciate the free spirit of the cycle tourists and, more often than not, a 'goodwill' is established.immediate empathy which makes it easier to get in touch with the local reality.

cycling - Yuba Spicy Curry
Yuba Spicy Curry

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