Cycling: how to plan long activities

Are you planning a different kind of summer? Discovering new itineraries and the wonders this beautiful country has to offer? Then you cannot fail to consider a nice BICYCLE JOURNEY!

Combining health, well-being, sense of exploration and all the others benefits of cycling and do it with your loved ones, well, what could be better? Before you hit the ground running, identify the path and catapult yourself into adventure, however, it is good to take a step back. It is good to devote yourself meticulously and carefully to the planning and the management of such long activities.

Planning a cycling trip: choosing a bike

It all starts with the choice of bicycle. How do you expect to ride kilometre after kilometre on a conventional bike? In this regard, our advice is to rely on our new and revolutionary iO INBICY. The multifunctional bike par excellence, which you can transform in 10 seconds to suit your needs.

Let us give you an example: you can equip your bicycle in family' mode and accompany your child in complete safety (you can transport up to 3 children) thanks to the multifunctional, but at the same time use it for very long journeys of pleasure and discovery. Not to mention the work mode. In short, everything you need is just a click away!

This bicycle is state-of-the-art and up-to-date and is made in Italy. If, however, you intend to 'settle for' or are curious to find out more, you are welcome to consult our free service. One of our expert is at your disposal and will be able to tell you which bicycle is ideal for a journey and cover long distances.

Watch out for nutrition

Travelling long distances must necessarily presuppose a nutrition down to the smallest detail. Everything is very variable, as it depends on food preferences, food availability and places travelled, but there are rules to follow.

The calorie consumption of a cycling trip amounts to approx. 500 calories per hour. It goes without saying, therefore, that by cycling for 8-10 hours, you will lose approximately 4500-5000 calories per day. An enormity and that is why it is essential to follow some feeding rules during cycling. Here are what they are:

  • Base your diet above all on carbohydratesas these are the body's favourite macronutrients for sustaining long lasting efforts. When you get the chance, stop and eat a plate of pasta and take some sandwiches with you.
  • Another important macronutrient is proteins. Many people make the mistake of associating protein only with power sports, but this is not the case. Precisely because they act on muscle groups, it is essential to acquire them: the muscles are put to the test during activity, and protein is also a valuable aid for recovery after cycling.
  • Also the fats play their part. It should be pointed out that the fats in your body, in 'reserve' as they say, already do an important job in supplying and helping you with energy, but taking on more of them can help you further aid energy processes.
  • Mineral salts e supplementsespecially with specific vitamins, are aspects that should not be underestimated.
  • Do you think there can ever be a lack ofwater during a cycling trip? Dehydration makes the blood more viscous, so it is thicker to pump and the heart is subjected to extra work. This is why it is essential to hydrate during a cycling trip.

We limit ourselves to giving you some indicative advice, obviously for a specific diet our invitation is to consult professionals and nutritionists in order to have an ad hoc chart and precise nutritional values.


As far as clothing is concerned, combining comfort with quality and breathability must be the secret. We give you our advice on this:

  • First of all, it may seem trite to say but it is not, the helmet. Among the rules for cyclingt is not in the Highway Code but, wearing it is essential to safeguard your life and more.

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  • A sports underwear breathable, so as to absorb sweat and avoid irritation. Above, the choice is free and depends very much on the season.
  • Consider some padded shortsequipped with a specific pad to ensure breathability and comfort.
  • Among shoes, the choice is wide, but the most recommended are those with a cleat insert so that your feet can grip the pedals well for hours on end. The best are trekking shoes as even when walking the cleat remains hidden in the sole and does not bother you.

Choice of route and weather

Only after having honed the previous useful and indispensable tasks for a bike trip do we move on to the choice of route. To do this, we recommend specific platforms, such as you can create your own route according to your wishes: choose the type of road, climbs, descents, flat or mountainous area and do it in any region of Italy.

If you are curious to discover specific Italian cities, start there and then branch out in detail with all the options that these platforms make available to you.

Planning the route will also allow you to understand what the weather will be like at the various points you will be cycling, and consequently understand what clothing to bring with you.

Useful adviceTo help you avoid wasting time and make everything run smoothly, we also invite you to plan where to get refreshments, where to get water, and mark any bike shops in case of hypothetical breakdowns (please make all the necessary precautions).

Free assistance from Donno Bikes

We of Donno Bikeswe have in our catalogue many models of bicycles that guarantee maximum safety, comply with the Highway Code and are suitable for all your daily needs. All with convenient payment!

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