Discover the 5 best stretching exercises to do after long rides

One of the biggest mistakes after long bike rides is not stretching. Yet it only takes a few minutes to avoid inflammation and prevent annoying back pain from cycling.

But what is stretching after all? It is movements for stretching and muscle relaxation, to be performed after any kind of physical exertion. Stretching is useful for eliminating or limiting possible muscular trauma.

Post cycling training: 5 stretching exercises to do for your health

1. Back stretching

An essential exercise for your back, one of the muscle areas most 'at risk' of injury for a cyclist. The exercise consists of bend one leg and bring it close to the chest holding it steady with the opposite arm. At the same time extend the other arm upwards. It is very important never to take the lower back off the ground.

Maintaining the position 15 seconds repeat for both legs 2 times.

2. Calf exercise

Start standing and step back with your left foot. Place your hands on your right thigh and bend your knee slightly. It is important to have your heel firmly on the ground.

Hold the position for 5 deep breaths and then reverse the legs.

3. Broaden your shoulders

Sit with your legs crossed, back straight and arms stretched out horizontally. Push your arms back as far as possible.

Maintaining the position 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

4. Quadriceps exercise

The necessary premise is that the quadriceps femoris is the muscle that is most involved in cycling training. It is therefore good to stress this muscle during stretching.

Sitting, extend the leg backwards and bring your torso towards the back with your hands firmly on the ground so that they can support you well. The further back you go, the more you will feel your quadriceps muscles pulling.

You should feel no pain, only tension. This exercise can also be performed standing: simply bend one leg and grab the foot as close as possible to the buttocks.

5. Lumbar rotation

Lie completely flat on the ground. Flex a leg and with the opposite arm push the leg as far as possible towards the ground. Take care to keep shoulders firmly on the ground.

Maintaining the position 5 seconds repeat 3 times per side.

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