Bologna bike bonus 2022: here's how it works

This is not the first time the state has advanced Initiatives to promote cycling and the wonderful news for residents of Bologna è l’arrivo del bike bonus 2022. They may request a incentivo sull’acquisto di una bici o cargo bike a pedalata assistitaonly persons who live and/or work in the Municipality of Bologna.

The application can be submitted directly on the Municipality of Bologna website. Let us see, in detail, what the incentives are, by when to apply and the required documentation.

Citizens who can apply

Let's start with the basics and see what they are citizens who meet the requirements in order to apply and take advantage of the 2022 bike bonus:

They can apply:

  • Individuals resident in the Municipality of Bologna.
  • Individuals residing in the territory of the metropolitan city of Bologna, employees working in the Municipality of Bologna in organisations and companies that have signed a mobility management agreement with the Municipality of Bologna.

Bologna bike bonus 2022: what are the incentives

Citizens who meet the requirements set out above will be able to obtain a contribution from 500 Euro for the purchase of a pedal-assisted bicycle. Those who wish to opt for a cargo bikeinstead, incentives go up to 1,000 euro.

This bonus was received with great enthusiasm, considering that it covers half of the total expenditure. The Municipality of Bologna has espoused the cause of environmentally sustainable traffic and has made up to EUR 5 million available to the population, with the aim of inviting everyone to use this green and convenient means of transport.

By when to apply

Anzitutto è necessario che le bici e le cargo bike siano state acquistate non prima del 29 giugno 2022. Per tutti gli acquisti fatti dopo questa data specifica, ti spetterà l’incentivo e puoi fare domanda as from 16 September 2022.

Documents required at application stage

Durante la compilazione del modulo online di richiesta dell’ incentivo per bici o cargo bike, devi allegare, tutto rigorosamente in pdf format:

  • Copy of the purchase invoice/tax receipt for the vehicle subject of the incentive request
  • Copy of the vehicle's technical data sheet from the manufacturer (in the case of purchasing a pedal-assisted cargo bike)
  • Modulo di dichiarazione di assolvimento del pagamento dell’imposta di bollo
  • Dichiarazione, rilasciata dal Mobility manager, attestante lo svolgimento dell’attività del richiedente nel Comune di Bologna, nel caso in cui il richiedente dell’incentivo sia dipendente di Ente/Azienda con sede nel Comune di Bologna ma risieda nel territorio della città metropolitana di Bologna.

For further details and cases in which applications will not be considered valid, please visit the Municipality of Bologna websitewhere from 16 September the link to apply online will be available.

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