Bike Night 2022, the Bike Festival: where and when

The event of the year for all bike lovers is on its last leg. The Bike Night 2022 will be staged on the Alpe Adria the 23 and 24 July. This is the first Italian long-distance cycling eventnon-competitive, to be held entirely on cycle paths and at night in various locations in Italy.

Three locations have been chosen for this year's edition:

  • Bike Night Emilia-Romagna the night of Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 June;
  • Bike Night Milan-Lake the night of Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 June;
  • Bike Night Alpe Adria the night of Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 July;

A project that aims to promote the use of bicycles, but above all the longest cycle paths in Italy. All cyclists can participate in the Bike Night on any type of bicycle, from the classic to the most revolutionary such as the iO INBICY. A moment of sharing and merriment that cycling enthusiasts look forward to every year.

Bike Night Alpe Adria: the route

L'last stage The eighth Bike Night will be held in Friuli on the Alpe Adria on Saturday 23 July. A 100-kilometre route from midnight to dawn, from Udine to Ugovizza.

As provided for by the Bike Night regulationsEach participant may choose the courses that suit him/her best. The choice must be indicated at the time of registration, but if you have second thoughts, you can easily change your choice without incurring financial penalties.

Respect for the Highway Code

Knowing the rules for cycling is essential to safeguard your own safety and that of your passenger. All Bike Night participants must follow the rules of the Highway Code:

  • Wear a helmet;
  • Have visual signalling devices;
  • Outside built-up areas from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise and in tunnels, the driver is obliged to wear a high-visibility retro-reflective jacket or braces;
  • The transporting children on bicycles must be carried out with suitable, standardised equipment.
  • On vehicular roads, arrange yourself in rows of up to two people side by side.

A bicycle festival for everyone!

The Bike Night is the triumph of the bicycle. It is an event open to everyone, adults and children (who must be accompanied by an adult), cyclists of all kinds, from enthusiasts to curious people who have become real cyclists over time.

Each participant is also allowed to stop and take advantage of the refreshment points (there are 3) as well as the possibility of having breakfast at the end of the event with a delicious hot croissant.

It is really worth saying that passion for cycling never sleeps!

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