Coronavirus, 7 ways to fight it effectively

Coronavirus, 7 ways to fight it effectively

Being a mother and observing all that is happening because of the corona virus, I can't help but think back to the days of far more serious epidemics, for example bubonic plague. By the way, this also came from China.

So, let me introduce myself, my name is Natalya, I have 2 children, a 6-year-old boy and a 7-month-old girl. I like cycling, being with my children outdoors and going to the sea. In the summer.

And I don't like viruses. And psychosis. Multiple.

Worse than the latter is only to take serious things too lightly.

And I don't want to do that.

So it is OK to close schools if needed. It is fine to avoid closed and crowded places.

But it is not good to keep our little ones locked up in 4 walls in the spring with the sunshine and the good and not so good days, and I will explain why.

  1. It is scientifically proven that children, shut indoors all day, either go crazy or become apathetic and addicted to cartoons and youtube videos.
  2. At home we tend to overdo TV, computers and binge on sweets and junk food.
  3. Sounds strangebut it is a fact that air in the home, even frequently ventilated, is at least five times worse than street air.
  4. Staying indoorsin front of the monitor or TV and eating tasty junk food is the number one step to lowering one's immune defences and becoming an easy prey for any virus or other disease.
  5. The coronavirus is a virus that is more viral than others. Hygiene is very important. Wash your hands and mop them often when you are out. But that is not enough.
  6. Avoid crowded places and change your habits. You can avoid kisses and handshakes with people who are not part of your household.
  7. It strengthens one's immune defences. It is the only effective weapon you can have against viruses. Really. Ask yourself, years ago in November-March have you ever been sick with a flu or a cold? The coronavirus is much more viral. More than hoping to lock yourself in and never get sick, you have to rely on the long term, invest in your own health. Not least because there are so many viruses and even after this wave in the autumn there will surely be another one. Will we find a vaccine? Of course! Will we defeat the viruses completely? When will we ever!

So what to do now with the coronavirus around, an imminent arrival of spring and multiple psychosis everywhere?


Don't get caught up in either fears or unnecessary bravado.

The situation is serious and should not be underestimated, but neither should it paralyse us as individuals and as a society.

Each of us has 2 responsibilities. 1. Not to fall ill and if we do, to come out of it as mildly as possible. 2. Not to become a mass 'free vending machine' of coronavirus.

And so. We avoid closed and crowded places unless we really have to go there. For example supermarkets. Talk about valued online shopping and home delivery. In big cities, many supermarkets offer this as a service.
Wash your hands often or mop them when you are outside. Do the same with your children.

Stay outdoors as much as possible, especially during the hottest hours of the day, but choose green and less crowded areas in the cities.

Apologise to friends and relatives, explaining to them that you have decided to avoid handshakes or Italian greetings with kisses at this time. Believe me, they will understand you and perhaps even be grateful.

Let children play outdoors with the right precautions. Play sports and take a walk in the forest, park or green spaces, along the river or by the sea in your city or nearby places. It will help both your physical and moral well-being.

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Rethink your lifestyle. For good.

The Coronavirus will be defeated sooner or later. But all predictions say that we will be increasingly attacked by the various viruses, including new and hitherto unknown ones.

Shutting ourselves in four walls will not save us. Being careful, responsible, aware, strengthening our immune defences and educating our children to do the same, yes!

Be healthy!

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