Say goodbye to back pain while cycling: here are our 5 tips!

That the bicycle is the best means in terms of personal well-being and sustainability, no one doubts that. That it is, however, also one of the vehicles on which it is easiest to run into trouble is also beyond doubt. The back pain while cyclingfor example, is the classic of the physical problems one can suffer from.

The muscles most stressed during cycling are those of the "core', i.e. the combination of the back, abdominals and pectorals, and due to incorrect positioning, a poorly adjusted bike and more, it is very easy to experience back pain.

In this article we will provide you with 5 tips to avoid back pain when cycling!

Backache while cycling: what you must do to avoid it

1. Adjusting the saddle height

The first and most common cause of back pain is thesaddle height. When the saddle is too high or too low, back pain is a direct consequence.

What happens if you raise the saddle too high?

It stretches the posterior chain of your body and this will put in tensioning the rear muscles of the thigh and, if you are inflexible, will cause your pelvis to move backwards and pull on your lower back muscles, leading to inevitable back discomfort.

What happens if you lower the saddle too much?

When you intend to push hard on the pedals, perhaps uphill, and thus extend your knee well, with a saddle that is too low you will have to go backwards - almost risking falling - closing thehip angle putting a strain on the lumbar region.

2. Choose the right bike

One of the most common mistakes, especially among beginners, is buying a bicycle without thinking about its size based on how you look. And yes, just like clothes, also the bikes are equipped with sizes.

Riding a bike of one's own size means that the distances between your hands on the handlebars, your feet on the pedals and your pelvis on the saddle are proportionate to those of your body.

What happens if you ride a bike that is too small or too big?

Quite simply, such a wrong choice will force you into uncomfortable or unnatural positions or overstretch your muscles.

If you are planning to buy a bicycle but have many doubts and concerns, do not hesitate to contact our free support. An expert will contact you and be ready to advise you on the best bike for your needs.

3. Watch out for the handlebars

If the saddle is adjusted correctly but the handlebar is too low, you will have a saddle-handlebar height difference too accentuated. To understand how to adjust the saddle height you have to be comfortable in a low grip, you have to be able to stand there for 5-10 minutes without feeling any particular pain. If you already feel discomfort after a few seconds, then it means that your handlebars are too low.

4. Driving Style

If your bike is perfectly adjusted but you still have back pain, then the problem lies in your driving style. We will give you examples in which you can personify yourself:

  • If you pass long time in an aerodynamic positioneven when it is not necessary, you will overwork the lumbar muscles, promoting inflammation.
  • During a long descent on steep terrainIt is absolutely inadvisable to sit on the saddle. In this way the adversities of the ground will 'beat' directly on your back.
  • Another mistake is to 'dancing' on the saddle. Do not lunge left and right according to the pedal at the lowest point. This type of riding, besides being inefficient and wasteful, will strain your back.

5. Stretch and tone your core

Last but not least, stretching. It is also important to work on your body and stretching after training e strengthen the core of your bodyor the core, are beneficial for preventing back pain. Obviously they are habits that must be part of your daily routine and should not be done sporadically.

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